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In 2014, while working as a combat camera officer, I was selected to lead the second-largest production facility in the U.S. Air Force. There, I learned the art of video storytelling and have since created short-form digital content for a variety of brands online. All of the work featured below is content that I created solo - acting as producer, director, filmmaker, sound engineer and editor with a minimalist setup and often under strict deadlines. 


My most popular video clients are Tastemade Travel, Semester at Sea, Thrillist, and the United States Air Force.


In 2019, I was hired as an international freelance filmmaker, traveling to various parts of the globe to pitch unique travel stories focused on sustainability, cuisine, adventure travel and other relevant current events. I produced 10 videos for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat with graphics and copy and self-funded travel to Australia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway and various part of the U.S. to film. All videos have a combined 10 million views on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

In addition to spearheading the organization’s first-ever collaboration with Youtube and Instagram influencers, I also worked as the social media coordinator and lead photographer onboard a four-month voyage around the world. Although my main duties included photographing and writing articles in 14 countries, I occasionally created videos for their main social media channels. Despite holding this position in 2018, much of my work is still being showcased today.