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The first camera I ever picked up was a Nikon 35mm film camera in 2008. I fell in love with the idea of black and white photography and later shifted my focus to photojournalism and news. I'm notorious for being able to capture uncontrolled action and have been photographing travel in over 100 countries for the last 15 years. I worked for three years as a combat camera officer while in the United States Air Force where I trained combat photographers and videographers and deployed with them around the world to document combat and humanitarian operations.


My most popular photo clients are Semester at Sea,, DoorDash, UPAVIM, and Alternatives Global Marketplace.


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During the pandemic, when New York City was hit was massive COVID restrictions, I worked with to update and add additional destinations within Brooklyn and Manhattan to encourage travelers to return to the Big Apple.

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In Fall of 2018, I took a four-month trip around the world with Semester at Sea as their social media coordinator and primary photographer. I was hired to solve one problem - they needed to sell out the ship. I was the first social media coordinator in the history of the company who integrated influencers, IG takeovers, and multiple social media partnership campaigns throughout the voyage, which led to my team doubling online engagement over the last year and increasing our Instagram following by 4,100 in four months. I did this all while traveling to over 13 countries and living on the ship full-time. 

During the pandemic, when New York City restaurants were hit with COVID restrictions, I partnered with DoorDash to provide low-cost photography services for local restaurants that wanted to expand their menu online. Over the span of two months, I photographed menus for over 40 establishments in Manhattan and Brooklyn.


I was the first photographer and marketing manager for UPAVIM Crafts and Alternatives Global Marketplace—two fair trade startup companies that are dedicated to paying artisans from around the world a fair living wage. I created all social media content, designed and distributed four newsletter a week, increased social media following by 75% and doubled sales within the first three months using only organic/unpaid content.